Alexander Teacher Training

AmSAT Teacher Training Programs

Interested in becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique? AmSAT-approved teacher training programs are the only ones in the United States that meet quantifiable standards for teacher training shared by affiliated professional societies worldwide. These standards were established by F.M. Alexander and the first generation teachers trained by him. As specified in AmSAT’s Bylaws, teacher training programs approved by AmSAT provide a minimum of 1600 hours of instruction over a minimum of three years with a student/teacher ratio no higher than five to one.

Woman teaching the Alexander Technique

History of Alexander Technique Teacher Training

F.M. Alexander began training teachers in London in 1932. From the beginning, training to teach was a full-time commitment. Later on, teacher training programs were opened by teachers trained by F.M.: Marjorie and Wilfred Barlow, Walter and Dilys Carrington, Patrick Macdonald, Peter Scott, and Dick and Elizabeth Walker. All adopted the standard of 1600 hours of training over three years. Today, AmSAT-approved training programs continue that established practice.

In an AmSAT Teacher Training program you will learn how to:

  • Embody and communicate the principles of the Alexander Technique
  • Develop the skills involved in teaching the Alexander Technique: personal, kinesthetic, and professional
  • Develop and refine the use of your self through direct practical experience
  • Acquire the hands-on skills unique to the teaching of the Alexander Technique

AmSAT Training Directors

  • Undergo an extensive application and review process
  • Have a minimum of ten years of teaching experience
  • Meet continuing education requirements
  • Complete course re-approval requirements every three years

Benefits of attending an AmSAT-approved training program include:

  • Invitation to attend AmSAT’s Annual Conference with classes specifically for teachers-in-training
  • Subscription to the AmSAT Journal and access to the AmSAT bookstore and other resources for members
  • Eligibility for AmSAT teacher certification and full membership upon graduation. AmSAT certification is internationally recognized by the Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies with reciprocal memberships available

Interested in learning more about training to teach the Alexander Technique?

Review the Teacher Training brochure and contact an AmSAT Training Director for more information.

Training Course Directors Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As AmSAT Training Directors we strive to create diverse, equitable and inclusive training environments. We commit to identifying and changing attitudes, structures, and policies which may be perpetuating inequity and preventing opportunity.  

NOTE on F.M. Alexander’s writings: 

The books and articles of FM Alexander contain important first-hand accounts of his discoveries and the processes that are the foundation of our work. Certain parts of his writings, however, contain disparaging ideas about people of color, stereotyped ideas of gender, and pseudoscientific socio-cultural evolutionary theories on race. We wholly reject and condemn these ideas. We see them as completely unrelated and unconnected to teaching, learning, and practicing the  Alexander Technique. We are working within AmSAT to clarify and expand AmSAT’s repudiation of these portions of Alexander’s writings.

We recognize that the Alexander Technique originates from white Eurocentric culture and acknowledge the lack of diversity, equity and inclusiveness inherent in that culture. 

Actions we are taking as AmSAT Training Directors:

  • Reviewing AmSAT training course teaching materials to ensure equity and opportunity for all regarding race, sex, gender, ability, age, religion, and culture.
  • Developing a document providing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion guidance and resources for AmSAT training courses.
  • Cooperating with the Judith Leibowitz Scholarship Fund Committee, which offers BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) scholarships for 50% tuition on AmSAT training courses. (
  • Reviewing the role Alexander’s writings play in AmSAT training courses, training standards, and certification. 
  • Continuing to evaluate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in AmSAT policies, documents, and Bylaws.