What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a gentle educational method used worldwide for over 100 years. By studying the Technique, we learn to change postural habits and develop better coordination of our musculoskeletal system. This enables us to gain improved mobility, posture, performance and focus, which can lead to relief of pain, tension and stress.

Why do people study the Alexander Technique?

People study the Technique for a variety of reasons. Common reasons often relate to physical needs or aspirations:  to relieve pain and recover from or prevent injury; to improve functioning while living with a medical condition; to develop upright, balanced posture; and to find greater ease in breathing. 

Other students seek to enhance their personal or professional performance. Athletes, actors, singers, dancers and instrumentalists use the Technique to cultivate improved self confidence, breathing, endurance, vocal production, and precision of movement. Leaders, educators and business professionals engage with the Technique to improve their posture, public speaking ability, mental focus and overall presence to become more effective and comfortable in their roles.

People also study the Technique to achieve greater self awareness and mindfulness in daily life.  By developing conscious awareness of – and choice in – their habitual reactions, Alexander students enlarge their capacity to manage stress while enhancing their engagement in and enjoyment of their ordinary activities.

We move through life with many habitual patterns of tension, learned both consciously and unconsciously. These patterns can be unlearned, opening up new choices in our posture, our movement patterns and our reactions. During your study of the Alexander Technique, you’ll develop a greater awareness of habits that interfere with your natural coordination and that can negatively impact your quality of life.  You’ll learn how to undo these patterns and gain a process that redirects your whole being into an optimal functional state. Working closely with a highly trained Alexander teacher, you’ll learn how to go about your daily activities with greater ease, enjoyment and efficiency.You can learn more about the many benefits of Alexander Technique study here.

How do I learn the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is typically taught through a series of private lessons or group classes. Over your course of study, your teacher will introduce concepts and activities that expand your awareness of the functioning of your nervous, muscular and skeletal systems, and how these systems relate to and interact with each other. You’ll learn simple principles that enable you to rediscover balance, ease and efficiency in all of your activities. 

In an Alexander Technique session, your teacher will use gentle verbal and manual guidance to encourage you to approach your movements and responses differently. Not only will you learn to recognize habit patterns that are interfering with optimal functioning, but you will also learn how to change those patterns.

As you progress in your study, you’ll be able to apply your skills to areas of your life beyond your initial goals, such as exercising, working at a computer or using a device, work demands or leisure activities. Learning the Alexander Technique empowers you to use your knowledge on your own to make life easier – anytime, anywhere.