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AmSAT’s mission is to establish the Alexander Technique as a basic and recognized resource for health, productivity, and well-being.

AmSAT maintains the nation’s highest standards for teacher training, certification and membership and maintains affiliation with similar credentialing bodies worldwide.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Access (DEIBA) is supported in all parts of the organization and its programs.

In addition to providing educational support services for its members, AmSAT is a public resource for information about the Alexander Technique.

AmSAT also supports research on the Alexander Technique by its members. In 2012 AmSAT established a Research Committee to create and administer a grant program funding research projects by teaching members of AmSAT.

We welcome contributions from both AmSAT members and supporters of the Alexander Technique. AmSAT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and you will receive a receipt for your donation from AmSAT for your tax purposes. Your tax-deductible contribution helps AmSAT to further the Alexander Technique through its many efforts. Please contribute today by making a donation or volunteering!

AmSAT Donation Forms

Expansion Fund

The Expansion Fund supports new programs. For example, the AmSAT website was launched in 2010 and the AmSAT video was released in 2012.

General Fund

Donations to the General Fund are unrestricted contributions to support AmSAT’s ongoing operational costs.

Judith Leibowitz Scholarship Fund

The Judith Leibowitz Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance and grants for people of color to train as Alexander Technique teachers with the goal of expanding the Technique into more diverse communities. The first scholarships were awarded in June 2020.

Research Fund

Donations to the Research Fund provide financial support for ongoing research about the Alexander Technique and are designated specifically for sponsorship of the annual Research Grant given by AmSAT.

Teachers Memorial Fund for Scholarships and Cultural Development Programs

Donations to this fund honor deceased members by supporting educational and cultural development programs that further the mission and objectives of AmSAT. The fund also provides scholarships to help trainees with financial need attend conferences and AGMs.