For Students & Supporters

Supporting Membership: $65

Not an Alexander Technique teacher, non-voting

We’re so glad you’re here! Supporting Membership is for anyone who is not a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Whether you’re a student of the Alexander Technique, a friend or family member of an Alexander Technique teacher, or a member of a profession aligned with the Technique, we thank you for joining AmSAT.

As a Supporting Member, you will be a Non-Voting Member of AmSAT. Supporting Membership offers you the opportunity to expand your understanding of the Alexander Technique as you encounter other teachers and students of the Technique and participate by reading, listening, and joining in.

Your membership grants you:

  • Access to the member side of the website
  • Listing in the Member Directory
  • Discounts for conferences
  • Discounts on books bought through the website
  • The AmSAT Journal
  • eUPdates, eBlasts
  • Continuing Education events
  • Recordings of past events
  • Invitation to serve on committees that welcome Supporting Members
  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting and permission to participate in debate (but not vote) 
  • And more…

Please note: If you are a trainee in a training course not affiliated with AmSAT or an ATAS society, you may join as a Supporting Member until you have finished your training. After that, you may apply for AmSAT Certification by emailing the Chair of the Credentials Review Committee.

If you are ready to become a Supporting member, please click the “Join AmSAT” button and fill out your Supporting Member Application Form. 


Please contact the AmSAT Membership Chair.