For Unaffiliated Teachers

For graduates of non-AmSAT, non-ATAS courses

Are you a graduate of an Alexander Teacher teacher training program that is not affiliated with AmSAT or the Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies (ATAS)? If yes, we’re glad you’re here! You are invited to join AmSAT through the Credentials Review process.

If your training is determined to be comparable to AmSAT’s 1600-hour teacher training standards, you will undergo an evaluation. Upon satisfactory completion of this evaluation, you will receive an AmSAT Certification and be eligible for membership. Applicants whose training does not yet meet AmSAT standards or who do not satisfactorily complete the evaluation may be requested to complete additional training.

Please contact the Chair of the Credentials Review Committee for more information and application.

Here are the AmSAT Teacher Certification Requirements.


Please contact the AmSAT Membership Chair.