Alana Cox

Certified 2004, ATSNE


It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Alana Cox, who died Monday, July 31.

Alana was enamored with the Alexander Technique from the start, joining AmSAT as an Associate Member in 1999 while she studied privately. In 2001, she began training with Missy Vineyard at the Alexander Technique School New England (ATSNE) and was certified in 2004. Her email address was “AlanaforAT” and she signed off with “Forward and Up.”

Alana was the first Associate Member to contribute an article to a new column, “Just for Associate Members,” in AmSAT News (“The Alexander Technique and Me: My Story”,” Issue No. 50, Winter 2001). She also served as Archivist to AmSAT, helping to catalogue articles on the Technique found in print media. Alana promoted the Technique for several years by having an Alexander tent at her local Garlic and Arts fall festival.

Alana was always ready to exchange and participate in continuing education, locally with her cohort of ATSNE graduates as well as at the AmSAT ACGMs. She was so very enthusiastic and appreciate of the give and take with her colleagues, who describe her as having a joyful, warm, and calm presence, the most gentle and giving of hearts, a bold and curious, humble and yet adventurous wish to keep learning and exploring, and exceptional bravery in the face of her many medical challenges. She was a kind and lovely lady and a devotee of F. M. Alexander.

Forward and up, Alana.


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