Walton (Larry) White


AmSAT is deeply saddened to learn of the recent death of Larry White M. AmSAT, 1937-2023, who passed away in September. Members are invited to contribute their memories to In Memoriam HERE”

Pamela Blanc: I first met Larry (Walton) White in 1979 when I moved to Los Angeles as a newly certified teacher. Larry had completed his training some years earlier with Patrick Macdonald and was always dedicated to the Alexander Technique “as he saw it!” Larry used to attend the teacher’s exchange Babette Markus and other young teachers organized in the early 1980s. Misha Magidov also attended these exchanges during his brief stay in L.A. and the two of them shared what they had learned from Mr. Macdonald. Through the years Larry was an active member of the Los Angeles AT Community. He visited the ATI-LA Teacher Training Course weekly for many years working with the trainees. He attended ATI-LA Salons and potlucks and other social gatherings. Larry was loved and appreciated by many and is now missed.

Shula: Many of us knew Larry as a tall, upright, modest teacher, who often used to visit ATI-LA, and work with the trainees. After I graduated – I used to attend the monthly teachers exchange as well. Larry was in charge of it. We were a small group, enjoying the exchange work for years.

Larry, as well as my very first teacher – Misha Magidov – trained with Patrick Macdonald, so the first time he put his hands on me – it felt so familiar, and so secure, and very much like coming back home.

During Covid time – Phyllis invited him to our zoom book club meeting, when we discussed his article on Walking: “Together We Walk,” published in the book Curiosity Recaptured, edited by Jerry Sontag.

Larry was also active with AmSAT serving on the Definitions committee for years. He also contributed a number of articles for the AmSAT News. He will be missed.

Frances Marsden: Larry was so dedicated to the Alexander Technique and stayed true to the principles all his life. He enjoyed being part of the Los Angeles community and was very supportive. He also gave much time to serving AmSAT.

Phyllis Gilmore: I am sorry to hear this sad news. We have lost a colleague and friend who added his own understanding about our work and very generously shared it with us.


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