In Memorium

This section was created in July 2021 to honor those AmSAT Certified Teachers, AmSAT Supporting Members, and people of note who have passed. Kind words and memories are encouraged to be shared in each obituary’s comments section. Please note, comments are moderated by AmSAT staff and the Information Manager. AmSAT reserves the right to withhold and/or remove insensitive and inappropriate comments.

Please feel free to submit an obituary using the button below. The deceased must have been an AmSAT Certified Teacher, AmSAT Supporting Member, or person of note to be listed on the site. Obituary submissions are also moderated by our Information Manager and AmSAT staff.

Ann Sickels Mathews

Certified 1975, ACAT

Charlotte Lemann

Certified 2007, ACAT

Francis (Frank) Ottiwell

Certified 1960, LEIB

Karl Snider

Certified in 2003, ATI-LA

Kenneth Andersen

AmSAT Parliamentarian